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Children’s paradise with playground and adventure land near the Hotel

For children the Kurpark complex is a playground paradise.

Alongside the large children’s playground with its swings, slides and sandpits with diggers, there is also the “adventure land” for older children.

Kids from 12 years of age can let off steam in the tree-house, swinging on the mega liana and racing down the gorilla slide. A balance tree tests their skills, climbing tree and sliding poles complete the fun.

If you’re tired from all that rushing about you can have a snooze in the hammock.

A water play area with locks and sluices is a major attraction on summer afternoons.

In 2014 the Association for Children’s playgrounds and Relaxation, VKE, granted Villabassa the award for the “most child-friendly parish in South Tyrol”.

NEW 2020: Raiffeisen-Motorik-Park

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Wichtelpark Sillian
What can you expect from a park with this name? Correct – that your own “imps” will feel great. The word “Wichtel”, for all those who don’t know, denotes munchkin, imp or brownie. In this context it is intended for children, for whom Wichtelpark Sillian really does offer a lot. Certainly everything that a children’s heart craves. And it can even be said that enthusiastic parents too find Wichtelpark just as “cool” as their beloved little ones. Wichtelpark Sillian’s location is certainly no accident. Especially since Hochpustertal is described as the most family-friendly valley in East Tyrol. The motto in Wichtelpark is precisely set up with this fact in mind – “Berge für Zwerge”. Children have their own bit of East Tyrol here. And children have a park, where they can just be children.

The offers in Wichtelpark Sillian are almost too extensive to be listed exhaustibly. There is mini-golf, a Wichtel train, a high ropes garden, the Winter Wichtel Land, the Wichtel ice rink and so much more.

May-October, dayly from 9:00-20:00


The Forest Wonder World of Dobbiaco:
The three stations on this forestry adventure trail are located in the grounds of the Dobbiaco nature reserve visitor center: the Forest Wonder World, the Celtic Tree Horoscope and the Tree Village. Children can let off steam along the way while still absorbing useful information on the forest. Children’s afternoons, adventure outings, talks and nature hikes are organized. There is also an otter slide, a high jump facility and a bare-foot path. On the Celtic tree horoscope visitors can discover their tree sign and check whether their personalities correspond to those described in the horoscope, while in the tree village they find out about the output of our forests and the differing uses of timber.

High wire park - Adventure Park Parco avventura Dobbiaco:
Beginners and experienced climbers can demonstrate their skills at the Parco avventura Dobbiaco. Adventurous souls can choose from six different courses:
Two “introductory courses” in up to three meters height help visitors familiarise themselves with the material and the safety techniques.
The “GREEN” course reaches a height of approx. two meters.
The heart of the facility are the “BLUE” and “RED” courses with a total length of 241 meters, reaching heights of approx. four to six meters.
If that is still not enough, you can also try the “BLACK” course. This course is eight to ten meters high and offers difficult obstacles, such as the suspended “Buffalo Bill Stirrups”, which require a considerable amount of courage.
The high wire park is interesting not only for adults but for the whole family. The facility is designed with special attention to children and young people from 6 years of age.

Gustav Mahler zoo in Toblach
Visit the reserve and see the lovely habitants on all fours of the Alps! The wildlife reserve Gustav Mahler doesn’t know seasons or hours of business. Here the animals decide when they want to show themselves. They like playing with the snow and to show little tricks!
For children - wild animals! Hey kids: discover the wildlife reserve: wild boars, chicks, ibexes, donkeys, sheeps, cows, pigs, wild cats and many other animals: let them surprise you!

Assling Wildlife Park:
The Assling Wildlife Park in East Tyrol, embedded in the Assling Adventure World, will make the heart of animal lovers skip a beat. All types of indigenous animals can be found here and are waiting for your visit. Some of the animals can be fed with the offered animal food, some are allowed to be touched. Deer, chamois, martens, wild boars, mouflons, ibexes, marmots, wildcats, lynxes, snakes, ducks, fishes, birds of prey, wisents and racoons are living here in spacious natural enclosures.

Funbob „Fun Alpine East Tyrol“:
The Funbob „Fun Alpine East Tyrol“ is embedded in the lovely natural landscape of the Assling Wildlife Park. While ascending you can see grazing deer. When running down you have a direct view to the nearby Dolomites of Lienz. Thus, such a ride is fun for the whole family again and again.

The Mount Haunold in Innichen offers in summer one of the most adrenaline toboggan runs of South Tyrol! It's called Fun-Bob and it runs from spring to late autumn!
Go up the chairlift to the top and once you get closer to the starting gates of the Fun-Bob (children under 7 years must be accompanied by parents) and once on board, fasten the seat belt, expects the green light and let’s go along the 1750 m long aluminum pipe crossing the meadows, passing next to trees, shelters and cows. The slope ranges from a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 40%.
The Fun-Bob is not only fun for kids, even the greatest are sure to enjoy at a speed of 40 km / h. Mom and Dad don't worry! Your kids can have fun in safe: a system of aluminum tubes ensure the Fun-Bob to the rails and seat belts will take the children fastened to the seat. In order to guarantee maximum security, the Fun-Bob is closed on rainy days.


Fun in snowHorse-drawn carriage

A romantic ride with a horse-drawn carriage through the dreamy winter landscape of Sesto and Dobbiaco. Whether on your own, as a couple or an adventure for the whole family. Wrapped in cosy blankets this excursion is a very special experience.

Ice skating is one of the most elegant sports. Whether you skate a few rounds, enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or simply want to try to slide on the slim blades - you find the most beautiful ice rinks in Villabassa and Dobbiaco.

Tobogganing is one of the most popular winter sports. Try it and combine the healthy climb on foot or comfortably by cable car with a speedy run down. A tobogganing session is always great fun, especially when there are as many attractive runs on offer as in the Alta Pusteria!

Children’s lifts and family skiing areas:
The small skiing area in Braies enjoys all day sunshine and is clearly laid out with easy slopes. Ideal for families.
In Dobbiaco there are the lifts of the Ski Center Rienza, and in Sesto those of Waldheim.
For a change, why not try the further slopes of the skiing region Sesto Dolomites - Alta Pusteria

Snow-man-family on the Rotwand / Croda Rossa
A paradise in the middle of the Dolomites of Sexten / Sesto: good ski-slopes for adults and children, a toboggan-run of 5 kilometres, great children play grounds, reindeer sledging and a big snow-man-family. Anyone entering the Croda Rossa winter wonderland at 1900 m will welcomed at the mountain cable car station by a family of giant snowmen that tower above the snow-covered landscape, rising a good 7 m into the sky. Winter wonderland of the Croda Rossa, where you can ski surrounded by the majestic panorama of the Dolomites.

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