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“How good it is, from time to time, to open one’s eyes to the beautiful things in life, to enjoy special moments and to simply let oneself go!”
(Susanne Vierthaler)

... and that is exactly what we aim to realize with you at “Hotel Gasthof Weiherbad”.

Step inside and allow yourself to be pampered.
A small, but elegant hotel awaits you amidst the, wonderful Niederdorf/Villabassa spa park surrounded by meadows and woodland.





  Are you ready? 




After our well-deserved break

we start our eagerly awaited summer season

and we look forward to your visit!

summer – sun –  hiking – relaxing – biking

What more could you want?
A holiday at the Weiherbad, of course!






Simply enjoy...for our house guests, our chefs will fulfil (nearly) every culinary wish, prepared with love and of course with fresh ingredients.



Villabassa is perfectly situated between the hotspots Drei Zinnen and Kronplatz, both easy and stress-free to reach by public transport. Click on the logos and get inspired...




The Weiherbad stands for tradition, diversity and health - we are proud of our house, our spring water and want to share all this with you: Our wellness facility with the newly built swimming pool, the fresh and purifying drinking water and the proximity to unspoilt nature will transform you into new people. Not yet acquired a taste for it? Then take a look at our offers - we are already convinced to welcome you as our guests soon 😉 .

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Moni & Elmar with family and the entire Weiherbad staff
Familie Stoll RauterGastgeberFamilienfoto mit OmaFuß mit Blume

Hotel Gasthof Weiherbad ***
Monika, Elmar with Tamina & Annika, the grandma & Team


“You never know what will happen when things suddenly change. Yet do we know what will happen if they remain unchanged?
(Elias Canetti)

Our ancestors, i.e. the early owners of the hotel, will most likely have had thoughts similar to these before today’s Weiherbad hotel emerged from a small “Kohler- or Weiherbad“, a natural pond or spa. We, too, faced the same considerations and make us thought before we got to work and renew something.

Tradition WeiherbadCard Hotel WeiherbadHotel WeiherbadHistory
Here is a short review of our historyread more 

1850: Tradition Hotel WeiherbadThe “Kohler- or Weiherbad“ is mentioned in writing for the first time: At an altitude of 1156 meters above sea level it formed thanks to a bathing spring which emerged in a mossy meadow not far from the house. The water was recommended as a form of therapy for “general and local asthenia, all types of abnormal blood flow, particularly in women”, which is why Dr. v. Call referred to the spa not only as “Weiherbad” but also “Weiberbad”, meaning “women’s’ spa ”. The bathing spring contains alum and sulphur, which is why the use of the water is “not only advisable for people suffering from severe coughs, fever and tuberculosis”. The double name "Kohler“ or “Weiher“ spa has the following origins: Kohlerbad is named after the “Kohlerviertel“, the charburners’ quarter in the area, whilst Weiherbad is named after the "Fischweiher”, the fish pond which the Counts of Künigl built behind the spa. It was originally a spa for poor people, but gained a renowned boost thanks to visits and spa stays by illustrious nobles: Prince Franz Seraph Porzia, resident in Spittal in Carinthia, underwent a health spa on the advice of his Niederdorf/Villabassa-born custodian Karl von Kurz zum Thurn. Recovered from a long-term ailment, he left behind his coat of arms which can still be viewed in the hotel today.

1936: The hotel was bought by the sisters Anna & Maria Stoll, as well as Maria’s husband Franz Senfter, and has come into our family this way.

1945/1950 circa: Tradition Hotel WeiherbadIn the hotel’s “bath house” (today an auxiliary building) the last spas were offered, however the spa culture declined after that, due in part to the chaos of the war and to the hotel continuously changing hands; no more springs were tapped and the source ran almost entirely dry as a result, down to a small runlet which can still be found behind the hotel today.

1950 circa: Tradition Hotel WeiherbadFranz Sefter, the brother of the current senior manager Annelies, with his wife, Irma Ploner “temporarily” took over the run-down business – a temporary tenancy which has lasted nearly 50 years. Irma Ploner goes down in the history of Niederdorf/Villabassa as a special innkeeper – she impressed guests like no one else with her breezy but charming manner; she broke new ground in tourism, was one of the first to unreservedly welcome foreign guests like locals. After the death of her husband in 1982 she continued to run the business alone.

1961: Tradition Hotel WeiherbadThe hotel was inherited by the current senior manager “Senfter Rauter Annelies”, who for family reasons does not run it herself but leaves operation to her brother and his wife.

1964: Large-scale conversion of the Weiherbad – the “Hobag” company was commissioned to build a new dining room as well as an attic. A total of eight new rooms were built – the hotel capacity increased to 25 rooms.

1997: The business was taken over by the current owners.

1999: Tradition Hotel WeiherbadA further conversion – all rooms were equipped with bathrooms, completely refurnished, balconies were added to some rooms, a lift was installed, the public sanitation facilities were completely renovated, the kitchen was reconstructed and a new central heating room installed. All of this was built in the unbelievably short time of 4-5 months (March-July 1999).

August 2005: In the adjoining Niederdorf/Villabassa spa park the new Kneipp facility was opened – and the spring water from the pond was used once again. Thus a cycle is completed and the water is used, albeit in a simplified form, for "spa or Kneipp cures” once more.

Autumn 2006: our relax/wellness area with Finnish sauna – steam bath – relaxing room in Tyrolean style is open.

May 2011: Tradition Hotel WeiherbadExtension of our dining room by a new building. In the middle of the new dining room there is our very nice stone fountain with our “Weiherbad water”, our personal spring water, with possibility for all our guests to taste it.

Autumn 2014: from October 6th till December 24th we did it once again and realized our great dream of:
• 8 new Superior rooms (27 - 30 m²) and 2 family-rooms – all rooms are equipped with a high comfort, a great bathroom, balcony and internet
• Our hotel-lobby has been extended and the reception has been designed completely new also the bar and the „Tyrolean Stube“ have been renovated and have been built in a new design und auch unsere Bar und das Stübele präsentieren sich jetzt in neuem Design

Our offers:

Springtime in Weiherbad

from 17th to 31rd May 2024

... spring awakening... only you are missing!!!


€ 250 
per person

Only the best for your holiday

Useful information about your holiday
on Hotel Weiherbad

  • a family-run 3-star hotel located amidst the famous spa –park of Villabassa/Niederdorf
  • culinary specialities (local and mediterranean food)
  • Wellness area with Sauna and steam bath, “kneipp-shower” and the cosy tyrolean “stube”
  • Large sun terrace and a beautiful guest garden
  • in the middle of the great Three Peaks Dolomites
  • Free entry at the Kneipp facility for our guests
  • NEW Raiffeisen-Motorik-Park
Hotel Weiherbad