A dream holiday for children

“I’m booooored!!”

Now, that’s a sentence you won’t be hearing during your holiday at Hotel Weiherbad. Prepare to see your children frolic and hop happily around like the squirrels on our terrace… We have all you need for an exciting, fulfilling holiday with your whole family!

Where are we going today?

Winter attractions for families

Carriage rides in Sexten and Toblach

snuggle up under a warm blanket and take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the glistening snowscape.

Ice skating in Niederdorf, Toblach and Sexten

your little ice queens and kings will love to show off their jumps and spins on the local rinks.


climb Mt. Haunold or Mt. Helm with the comfortable lifts and whiz down on a toboggan. Helmets are mandatory for children under 15 years.

Snow giants

Giant snowmen at the Rotwand mountain station make children's eyes light up

Olperl’s winter trail on Mt. Helm

Olperl is a little rascal who looks forward to meeting winter hikers, young and old. This loop trail starts at the Helm lift mountain terminal and leads through Olperl’s winter world, which includes a watch tower, a children’s village and more.

Where are we going today?

Summer attractions for families

Wichtelpark in Sillian (East Tyrol)

an action-packed experience with an autodrome, a zip line, a 30-metre long tube slide, climbing walls and a minigolf course.

WaldWunderWelt in Toblach

a wood where you can play, climb, jump and learn to your heart’s content, with a treehouse, a barefoot course and high jump equipment.

High ropes adventure park in Toblach

14 different climbing routes for all skill levels and age groups – great fun for the whole family!

Fun Alpin Osttirol dry toboggan run

bolt downhill with a view of grazing deer.

Assling wildlife park in East Tyrol

native wild species for you to observe and even pet, including deer, marmots, snakes, birds of prey and raccoons. If you are into model railways, don’t miss Opa’s Eisenbahnwelt!

Funbob in Innichen

a great descent from the Haunold lift mountain terminal all the way down into the valley.

We look forward to seeing you